ADVENT – Celebrate the Coming (Grace Warrior Devotional Series)
Not just for Advent! It’s a journal-style book that you can use anytime. It asked just the right questions to help you think in a way you might not have before. When you ask yourself the right questions, you find new answers. If your prayer life has been dragging, this book will help.

Elizabeth Brickman, Author, THIN & BLESSED

In her inspiring message, Melissa Kirk reminds us that the blood of Jesus Christ not only cleanses us with his mercy but through God’s perfect plan, we are clothed in his beautiful grace. With warm and tenderness, Melissa challenges women to embrace God’s cleaning mercy and limitless grace to achieve his perfect plan and purpose for their lives.

Anne Elizabeth Denny, Plan Well, Finish Well, MN

Melissa’s beautiful message deeply connects with the hearts of her listeners.  As a Grace Warrior, she courageously shares her passion to inspire others to walk in His endless grace.

Michelle Viscuse, Journey PINK, Durham, NC

Melissa’s candid reminder that God covers us with His “Grace Clothes” was just the message I needed to hear. Her message about God’s infinite grace inspires me to trust His good and perfect will. I walked away with a renewed sense of God’s purpose for my life and His power to help me live it.

Lyneta Smith, Christian Communicator, Spring Hill, TN

Your event will be blessed through the ministry of Melissa Kirk. She’s a speaker who engages her audience with compassion as she delivers a message about the all-sufficient presence of our God. Mercy, purpose, and grace are the mainstays of this Grace Warrior’s ministry.

Sandra Allen Lovelace Director of Lifework Forum, Acton, ME

The life plan has been a benefit to my life. After doing the timeline, I discovered some things I had forgotten that had affected me. It helped me see where God started my life and where He has placed me now during this time. Through the struggles and happy times, I could see how I had walked through them. It helped me realize that my faith in God took care of me each day.

It was helpful finding my spiritual gifts and discovering some that I didn’t know I had. I understand better how to use them for serving others. I also found it useful to see how I prioritize my values


Thank you so much for the wonderful hours spent delving into my personal spirituality. What thought-provoking days. The timeline portion was enlightening. I didn’t realize my first ten years were so negative and the last much more positive. I also enjoyed the personality profile. I’m so happy.