Melissa loves telling people about God’s amazing grace.

During her twenty-five years serving in ministry and teaching Sunday School, she realized how vulnerable many people feel as Christ Followers. She wants them to understand God’s purpose for them is obtained through his strength and works as a life coach to encourage and guide them to that end.

Melissa is available for seminars, conferences, retreats, and banquets and would love to assist customizing a message for your next event.

Most Requested Topics:

Bathed in Mercy, Clothed in Grace…

What really happened when we first encountered God? We didn’t catch him off guard. Melissa will show you the path that God prepared for you before you were ever born. Suitable for women and teen girls. Works well as a 45-minute presentation, as four 30-minute sessions, or can be combined with any of the listed topics for extended sessions.

God, About this Circumstance…

Trusting God when the tough times strike is hard. Melissa will teach you how to talk with God about life’s stuff and listen to his response.

Goals, Greed, and the Daily Grind…

Society says you have to do it all! What if you can’t? Let Melissa share what she discovered when she ignored the world’s mold.

Rise Up, Warrior …

God hasn’t called is to live a passive life. His plan is in full motion and he expects our participation. What is our part? How do we overcome apathy? How do we get past our fears and reservations? Let Melissa share his plan and show you how to use the tools that God, Himself, has provided.

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